Feelgood food
fresh from a local kitchen
delivered at your doorstep.

A virtual community of neighbourhood kitchens.

Keatz creates delicious worldly and fresh meals at home, or wherever you want them. Our food reaches you with the same rich taste as when it left our kitchen. Because we design modern, international specialties especially for delivery.

We just believe in really good food, even when it is delivered.

Fresh Salads & Wraps
Are you looking for some spiritual guidance for your internal human being? Or simply a shot of green energy, to fully charge up and get your vitamins with taste: order Green Gurus.  Fresh & healthy meals made with the best ingredients of the season.
Burritos, Bowls & Quesadillas
If your stomach growls louder than a coyote, it‘s time for Gringo Burritos. Juicy Burritos & heart-warming Bowls and crispy Quesadillas, wey! All dishes have that rich authentic taste.Choose from spicy salsas, cooling creams, spicy guacamole, rich slow cooked meats, or from our plant-based alternatives.
Tasty Salads, Thai Curries & fresh Wraps
Thai mouth watering curries, salads and lettuce wraps, that are easy to share. Made with fresh ingredients and delivered wherever you want. You don‘t have to put your heavy backpack on and face that jet lag. Whether it‘s meat, plant-based or vegan, with Moody Monkey you are ready for the urban jungle.
Pacific Bowls
Hawaiian colorful poké bowls with tuna, salmon, chicken, beetroot or tofu. Treat yourself to these fresh, sun-drenched Hawaiian flavours in our five colorful signature bowls. Island hopping from the couch? Then order Ono Ono Poke.
Bowls & Bites
Do you need some comfort? Is your heart seeking healing? Tamaka combines fresh East Asian ingredients in pure high frequency harmony and follows the latest Korean and Japanese cooking trends.
Vegan Hot Dogs, Burger & plant-based street food
Satisfy your cravings with mouth-watering street food, big on flavour and attitude, but made without any meat, dairy or eggs. At Vegan Streets you can surrender completely to your wildest snack desires without feeling guilty.

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