Just enjoy and we'll do the rest.

We love good delivery food and the freedom and flexibility that comes with it. Delivery food should be without compromise, a fusion of indulgence and comfort.

Keatz stands for culinary Zeitgeist

Our culinary team travels around the world, on the lookout for upcoming culinary trends and techniques to bring to your neighbourhood.

We are specialised in delivery food.

We prepare food exclusively for delivery, designing ideal recipes, process and packaging for the best possible quality. The result: delicious, inspiring meals that arrive at your door with the same quality that leaves the kitchen.

Restaurants close to you

Our kitchens are found in urban hotspots, each kitchen hosts multiple virtual restaurants, working together to serve you best.

We create delicious and joyous food delivery moments

The way we order food online is changing:


The first wave

The first wave of delivery platforms allowed users to order meals from the comfort of their homes


The second wave

The second wave offered large platforms of diverse restaurants in one hub, expanding the culinary horizons of their users in a big way.


The third wave:

Keatz is creating the third wave for delivery food. We believe that delivery food will play an ever-growing role and the majority will soon be prepared in “delivery-only” restaurants like Keatz. We are reinventing delivery for the on-demand economy and strive to be the first stop for high-quality, inspired delivery food in your neighborhood

We cook.

They deliver.

You enjoy.

Our Restaurants

Keatz is a large community of virtual restaurants, bringing international food to your neighborhood. We're taking your tastebuds on a journey around the globe. Come backpacking with us to Thailand or hop on a roadtrip through the USA. Discover new culinary trends like Hawiian poké bowls or japanese fast food. The world is at your fingertips, so what will it be?

The company

Keatz has their headquarters in Berlin. We coordinate all of our national and international kitchens from here. We are constantly expanding our services in new cities and countries.









Founder and Team

Keatz was founded by college friends, Paul Gebhardt and Dimitrios Ploutarchos in 2015. We initially launched under the name "GreenGurus". Our business has since expanded with multiple virtual restaurants, that now all belong to the Keatz community. Paul and Dimitrios vision has always been and continues to be to provide cutting edge and high-quality delivery food.

In both the Keatz office in Berlin-Kreuzberg and the kitchen locations, you will find a team of expert individuals, connected with one passion - creating delicious contemporary and ever-surprising contemporary food for modern city slickers.




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