The most wanted Burritos

If your stomach is growling louder than a coyote, it's time for GringoBurritos. Juicy Burritos & Bowls and crispy Quesadillas, wey!

Our Gringo Favourite:

The Slow Cooked Pork Burrito

Slow cooked pork with black beans, shredded cabbage, mexican rice, cheddar cheese and house-made crema in flour tortilla. Choose your salsa to match your mood – mild, hot or extra hot.

Typical Mexican


Gringo Burritos are packed with the bold, authentic flavours you crave. Choose from spicy salsas, cooling crema, zesty guacamole, rich slow-cooked meats or a plant-based alternative, all wrapped generously with Mexican rice and beans in our soft tortillas for a burrito like no other.


Pile a Burrito Bowl high with your favourite fresh ingredients for a flavour-packed, satisfying Gringo experience that‘s just a little lighter.


Gringo Quesadillas are the ultimate comfort food. Choose from our speciality slow-cooked meat or plant-based alternative, generously sandwiched with cheese in a soft tortilla before being toasted and served with house-made crema, Pico de Gallo and tortilla chips.

Gringo Marinated Beef

Our beef is marinated with a special house blend of spices and slow-cooked for a succulent and juicy result.

Vegan Pollo Chicken

Our plant-based alternative is full of natural flavours, satisfying and juicy, so you're not missing out!

Mexico City Chicken

Our signature chicken is simply seasoned and slow-cooked for tender, juicy meat every time.


Choose your salsa to match your mood – mild, hot or extra hot. Choose from extras like our house-made guac to make your Gringo just as you like it!

Our quality guarantee

GringoBurritos is part of the Keatz restaurant family. Keatz places great emphasis on freshness and taste. We prepare our sauces, dressings, spice mixes, marinades and much more according to our own recipes, and get fresh products delivered from local suppliers every day. We use environmentally-friendly materials for our packaging. We want to make takeaway food into a perfect fusion of enjoyment and convenience.

Keatz – made for delivery

Our culinary team travels to the most exciting cities in the world to discover new culinary trends and cooking styles and bring them to your neighborhood.

We prepare your food exclusively for the delivery, that means we develop the ideal recipes, kitchen processes and packaging. The result: delicious, inspiring dishes that arrive in the same quality as they left our kitchen.

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