Your food –
made for delivery

Keatz is a family of virtual restaurants. We're here to provide you with delicious meals - delivered to your home or at work.

Our mission: Our food arrives at your door with the same delicious taste that leaves our kitchen. We've designed our recipes, especially for delivery. That means no soggy burgers, no floppy french fries, no cold soups and no dripping sauces.

We're discovering and creating modern, international specialities for delivery.

We love good food. We are constantly developing new restaurant concepts and bringing them to your hood. We don't want to bore you with just another burger joint and are always developing menus with a creative twist.

Select ingredients and cutting-edge equipment.

In selecting our products, we don’t make compromises on quality or freshness. Our kitchen uses modern equipment and innovative processes, guaranteeing great, delivery-optimised meals.

Your food faster

We cook exclusively for made-to-order delivery. This allows us to bring your food straight to you rather than wait on in-house service.
The advantage: Shorter delivery times

A packaging that’s both smart and nice on the eyes.

Our packaging is well-contemplated and designed with an eye for detail.
1. We keep things tight - no leaky boxes
2. Labels that tell you what’s inside
3. Nice to look at and easy to use
4. Sustainable: say goodbye to mountains of aluminium bowls and plastic bags

Delivery services that you already know

Keatz is working together with all of your favourite delivery platforms. No new apps and registration required. Our restaurants are currently found on Deliveroo, Foodora and Lieferando.

Delicious food to be enjoyed at home