Your food – made for delivery

What do you feel like eating today?

Tamaka – this is the harmonious combination of fresh East Asian ingredients with a lightly poached egg (‘tamago’), combined in a bowl.

The vegan street vibe comes for you. Fresh starters, hot dogs, burgers and zucchini noodles, all without any animal products and twice as tasty!

Island hopping - Japanese Chirashi and Hawaiian Poke in a fusion of fresh ingredients.

Mouth-watering Thai curries made with fresh ingredients, all without the backpack. Whether it's meat, veggie or vegan, MoodyMonkey will have you ready for the urban jungle.

Fresh Salads & smart Wraps – fresh and healthy meals, made with the best ingredients. Order online to your office or home and fuel up on energy for the day.

They might be listed on the Most Wanted List – If your stomach is growling louder than a coyote, it's time for GringoBurritos. Juicy Burritos & Bowls and crispy Quesadillas, wey!

Are you looking for something else? Let us know! We're always looking for new inspiration!